Aroused unexpected interest our last article in which it appeared in a nutshell, the new standard (Code) NFPA 72.
The reason is probably linked to the considerable technical and editorial gap that exists between the American standard, solid and complete, and the European equivalent, EN 54-14. The latter has only the rank of a guideline and not a rule (which is why there is the UNI 9795), and is dated November 2004.The continued lack of a European agreement on the identification of a rule of common project has therefore given birth to a mouse This standard practically unapplied everywhere, in Europe and beyond.
Rest assured, soon will come the 2016 version of TS 54-14, that will go the same way as the previous version: oblivion. With the result, already stated, with a net loss of competitiveness of European companies that they stepped out of the national border to sell systems in geographic areas in which the pair NFPA-UL / FM is winning. You go on to explain the Authority Having Jurisdiction for any country that the products are compatible with EN NFPA 72. In nine cases out of ten will answer spades, because it is much more automatic and less empowering for those who must approve a system of fire alarm accept products with a certificate conforming to one standard cited in the bibliography of NFPA 7