Event with the Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian Confidustria

SV sistemi di sicurezza, first formal meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian Confindustria.


On 19th May 2016 c/o the Romanian Chamber of Commerce a meeting with the Institutions and a pool of companies involved in the project Romanian-Italian Chamber of Commerce has been kept. The president of the Chamber of Commerce opened the session introducing the future plans and several collaboration with Italian companies.

One of the most well-known Italian companies is “D’Appolonia Rina” for which the chief executive Mr. Paolo Barbieri and his collaborators spoke up.

The Chamber must not be thought only as an Institution, but also as focal point for the Italian commerce in Romania.

In order to reach these goals, we make available knowledge, professionalisms and competences, so that we can help you entering in this new econmic context.


To promote and intensify the trade exchanges between Italy and Romania;

To provide correct information and ready to generate a competitive advantage;

To create partnerships and increase the number of members;

To support the concept of competitiveness.

To demonstrate that the “Made in Italy” is more than a label.

To promote the European integration principles, of transparency and best practices;

To support the interest of the own members


Opening towards the Romanian-Italian and Italian-Romanian business environments;

Quality of the offered services;

Cordiality and Availability;

Credibility, Honesty, Integrity;


Continuous innovation;

Performing team with evident results;

Transparency of the provided information;

Communication and positive feedback.